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Analog and Digital Hardware


CraneSong IBIS
[The Doctor]

•Transparent sculpting of the mids
•Lively up dull or flat mixes via color knob, adding 2 to 3 order harmonics to a selected frequency band
Pultec EQP-1 Clone
[The Pastry Cook]

•Fatten up weak sounding bass with the low shelve
•"Open up" the mixes with the high shelve
Michelangelo EQ
[The Alchemist]

•Adding tube harmonics to make the music sound thicker
•Getting brightness without harshness with the air-band


Drawmer S3 Tube Compressor

[The Noble Mind]

•Leightweight spectral balancing
•Transient shaphing and "focusing" of the treble content through adjusting the attack times of the treble band

Dynamics Toolbox Safe Sound Audio
[The Versatile Barber]

•Many different "compression-sounds" possible, controllable through sidechain EQ, parallel compression, dynamic tracking
•Transformer balanced and electronically balanced outputs to choose from, a slightly smoother transient quality with the transformer
•In discreet use obtaining a "glue"-effect
Créme - Tegeler Audio Manufaktur

[The Warm-Hearted Bus Driver]

•Very transparent VCA compression
•Great for overall focus of the mix