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Loudspeaker & Headphones

AKG K271 Mkll
closed enclosure, detailed bass and low mids

Beyerdynamic DT-770

open enclosure, very sensitive treble (ess, hihats etc.)

Various Low Budget Ear Plugs
treble and bass response check


Internal laptop speaker
nice for the overall impression of the treble content
and how it sounds without bass


very detailed soundstage, very accurate,
clean low mids, little distortion

Neumann KH 805 Subwoofer
punchy and accurate

Yamaha HS80M
sensitive, overemphasized mid-range (presence filter like),
good transient reproduction ("rock n roll punch")

LD Systems Dave15 G2
PA-System to check how the music sounds on a "satellite- subwoofer" combination,
especially how the basses translate

Tannoy Reveal Active
overemphasized low mids, muddy low end (bass-reflex),
pale trebles

JBL Charge 2+
punchy/compressed, bluetooth codec sound (sbc),
great for "instant mojo" test and to check overcompression

Creative Labs Inspire A200
multimedia speaker (with 5 watt subwoofer) !Wohoo!,
easily boomy @ around 108 Hz and ugly @ around 10kHz.
great for low volume check and listening